Hot Springs of Tuscany


I left off my last post at the conclusion of our wine tasting at Castiglione Del Bosco just outside of Montalcino, from there we were south bound to one of Tuscany’s hidden gems. The hot springs in Bagni San Fillipo are one of the few left in the area that isn’t on resort property and doesn’t get too crowded. We almost skipped the springs altogether, expecting our time in Italy to be brutally warm. We completely lucked into a very mild week thanks to the rain that morning and it was cool enough to make taking a dip in the springs sound beyond relaxing! When we came upon the springs we were greeted by an impressively massive white calcium formation… And a very strong scent (sulfur perhaps?). If you can push past it and head down stream, the smell lessens and the air becomes much more pleasant. Which is exactly what we did!


We opted to leave our camera in the car, I didn’t want to risk a slip and tumble into the water so you’ll have to forgive my limited iPhone snaps! This was the ideal location to completely unplug, so I didn’t miss carrying it around anyways.


We found a secluded little spot after a little hike in the completely wrong shoes, ha! I almost slipped several times, which validated my choice in leaving the camera behind entirely. The springs are relatively easy to get to albeit slippery, and once we found “our spot” we took a few pics, tucked our belongings behind a rock and sunk ourselves down into the steamy hot pools. It. Was. Divine.


We were pleasantly surprised to find the area so secluded, and came to the conclusion that it being a weekday and just before lunch time, we must have timed it just right to avoid a crowd. We felt incredibly lucky to be alone in the quiet of nature in this heavenly place. I felt like we were on our honeymoon, I will never forget how magical it was. We could have stayed for hours, but we were absolutely famished and it was time to venture on!


Nothing could punctuate a steamy dip better than ice cold Italian beers and prosciutto sandwiches. I love this picture of us, my eye make up is all but washed away, hair is damp, but we’re completely smitten and happy. It’s perfect to me. ❤️  Toodle loo Tuscany! Next up… Roma!



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