Going Away Gifts

Being a mother is so very complex. I feel as though I’m constantly juggling self care and healthy “adult time” with the constant demands of mom-ing. I’m admittedly head over heels in love with my little boys, so sometimes it’s hard to strike a balance and take that time to myself.

This New Year’s Eve my husband and I made a resolution for regularly scheduled date nights and it’s been amazing. We’ve gotten to know our city and each other in a whole new way, thus bringing us closer than ever and even influenced us to take somewhat of a second honeymoon… a week in Italy! I’m so beyond thrilled to be experiencing this adventure with my number one guy, and I know that the time off will be great for my mama soul too.

Now, that our boys are well into late toddlerhood we feel confident leaving them with their incredible grandparents for more extended overnight stays, and the boys are pretty excited about spending some quality time with them too! To build on that excitement and to help them understand a bit more about where mommy and daddy will be while we’re away, I’ve put together a little “going away gift” I know they’re sure to enjoy.


I love books, and often snag a book for many gifting occasions. Our oldest beau is geography obsessed and collects books from the Miroslav Sasek “This is the World” collection, so we had to get him the one for Italy’s capital city of Rome. Expanding on Rome and one of the bean’s favorite story characters, Madeline and the Cats of Rome also was a must have.

And because they will need something to pack those new reads and other essentials for their time away, a whimsical pair of Vespa scoot-cases were simply irresistible! In their favorite colors, red and blue! I am seriously in love with these, so very Italian and fun.



The evening before our departure we set up the boy’s little surprise and told them all about the plans for the upcoming week. They adored their gifts and Emerson was thrilled to follow along with our journey across the globe and read all about Rome, while Sawyer was happy to just scoot around, ha! Love them so!


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